Hi, and welcome to my website and I truly hope you will enjoy your visit.

To realize my childhood dreams I had to be content in creating my Art as a hobby, and everything I know about my art is self-taught. I have learned with the passing of time how I made mistakes and learned hard lessons in trying to correct them. My imagination has led me to develop abstract themes and mixed styles which hopefully will lead me into my own ‘uniqueness’.

To see people liking my art and enjoying looking at it, and they want to own it and and take it to their own personal space, that gives me so much pleasure and satisfaction, I feel a great sense of achievement.

Painting for me it has no limit or restrictions, just to be able to feel free to enjoy and use your imagination as far as you like. Abstract is my favourite subject because I can play with the color and make it have the feeling that I want in the painting.

I am also a Photographer… colorful picture of flowers or abstract style of still life… macro photography is my favorite…Closer details make you feel the picture…

Anyway I believe and respect that people have thier own tastes..anything that suit you and when you looking at it, if it makes you happy then that’s all that matters.

 My studio/workspace is flooded with natural light from 3 sides, the views are fantastic overlooking the Nene valley, nothing but woodland, open fields, nature and the river to greet me as I work!